11-05-2020  · Famous for his ‘Matka King’ sobriquet, Khatri is credited with transforming matka.

Khatri, who earlier worked with Kalyanji Bhagat when the latter started the Worli Matka, parted ways to form his own ‘Ratan Matka’. The matka which involved drawing lots from chits in a pot was a money-spinner with the daily turnover from gambling touching Rs one crore. A tongue-in-cheek tribute to the ex-gambler.

Mumbai के 'मटका किंग' Ratan Khatri का निधन | 88 साल की उम्र में ली आखिरी सांस‘Matka King’ Ratan Khatri passes away in Mumbai Famous for his ‘Matka King’ sobriquet, Khatri is credited with transforming matka (a form of gambling that originated in Mumbai in 1962) into India’s biggest betting racket and established a nation-wide gambling network that lasted for decades under his control.

12-05-2020  · Mumbai’s infamous ‘Matka King’ Ratan Khatri died on Sunday (May 10) at his home in Navjeevan Society in Mumbai Central area. He was 88. Khatri belonged to a Sindhi family which came to Mumbai from Karachi in Pakistan when he was a teenager during the partition in 1947.

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